Viveca Kindsvatter

Viveca KindsvatterViveca Kindvatter is a producer living in Los Angeles. She most recently revived The Obamalogues, which she co-created and produced, for its second run in Hollywood. The show featured actors, writers, NPR contributors, comedians, and politicians doing monologues, personal stories and character pieces professing love, lust and everything in between for Mitt Romney. What?! Come on. Viveca, in association with King’s English Productions, produces the award winning webseries Keeping Up With The Downs. KUWD won Best New Webseries at The San Francisco New Media Festival in 2010 and has three new episodes set to release in 2013. She is proud to call Molly Prather’s F*ck! Marry! Kill! the first solo show she produced. FMK played to sold-out theaters in LA, NY, Toronto and South Carolina and is currently being developed into a television pilot.